Sunday, January 18, 2009

Positive effects of Sunshine featured in latest Vogue and Fitness Magazine


Vitamin D
The Healthy
Side Of

For Many Years the lack of Vitamin D and a possible connection with sunshine was very well known by the tanning industry.It was hard to find any media that featured this topic.Last year i saw a few articles in different types of media, and it started to seem like the media could not ignore the information that sunshine might have a positive effect on ones health. Today i was reading magazines at the local book stand, and i could not believe that Vogue Feb 2009 and Fitness Feb 2009 had front cover headlines on sunshine's link to vitamin d. I guess its getting more and more attention, and the public is eager to read about information on this topic.
Here are some images from the Feb issue of Vogue and Fitness

Here are some links to some articles i found online

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